Distance learning


According to the order of the Academy No. 158-OD dated October 12, 2020,

from 10/13/2020 to 15/11/2020 will be distance learning.

During this period all the necessary teaching materials in the MOODLE system

 (Propaedeutics of pediatrics),

besides you need to watch the lectures.

In addition, you will have a lesson in real time  with GOOGLE MEET system.

Email invitations to videoconferences will be sending to all leaders of the groups,

which they have to send to students of their dozens.

The duration of the lesson according to the schedule.

Control of your knowledge is carried out based on the results of oral answers during a lesson,

as well as checking test tasks and situational tasks in the MOODLE system!

If there is no response to the task completed within the specified time period,

that students will have "nb"

Students who has "nb" or mark "2" - can rework the topic in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.


Link for Reworks - w4looo7

Find out the results you can ask your teachers.

 For advice from the teachers of the department, please contact the phone

numbers and e-mail addresses below:

Associate Professor, PhD Iaroshevska T.V. dr.tetiana.418@gmail.com

Associate Professor, PhD Korenyuk O.S.: helena.kor.1962@gmail.com 

      Associate Professor, PhD Fialkovska А.O.: fialkovskaja.a@gmail.com 

Assistant Yefanova A.A.: efanovaallaalex@gmail.com

Assistant Skriabina E.V.: k.v.skriabina@gmail.com

Assistant Makoviichuk O.A.:  brand008@ukr.net